Donate 2% of Income Tax

Donate 2% / 3.5% from income tax Download from here

What means 2% for taxpayers?

The 2% tax is a transparent mechanism through which individual taxpayers may direct 2% of their income tax by a nongovernmental organization (association or foundation).

You can support our programs redirecting two percent (2%) to ADPARE of income tax.

According to Law 571/2003 correlated with GD 44/2004 on the Fiscal Code
methodological norms of application, individual taxpayers have the opportunity to direct two percent of your earned income taxes in the previous year by a nonprofit entity.
This option will not cost you anything.
If you don’t use that option, the amount that remains goes to the state budget.

According to the Art. 57(4) – (6) and Art. 84 (2) – (4) of the Tax Code, individuals are able to direct two percent (2%) of tax revenues in the previous year by a nonprofit entity, religious establishments, as well as private scholarships.

Click on the links of pre-filled forms and complete:

Form 230 (link) if you obtained in the previous year incomes from salary only;

Form 200 (link) (page 4, point. III) if you obtained in the previous year incomes only from independent activities (copyrights, rents, etc.).

Both forms if you obtained in the previous year incomes from wages, and from independent activities.

Filling amount is not mandatory. Empowered institution will calculate the tax and be paid according to law.
After completing the registration form should be submitted to the Financial Administration who belongs to or be sent by mail to it, with return receipt requested, until 15 of May this year.

If you already have a blank form, you can fill directly our data. They are:
Name of the non-profit entity: ADPARE
Fiscal Identification Code of non-profit entity: 15832518
Bank code (IBAN): RO82RNCB0080005648090001