Donations and Sponsorships


If you want to help victims of human traffiking in their efforts to reintegrate or to support a project that promotes values of solidarity and responsability you can donate a sum of many  that will go where needed.

You can help:

Donating a part of your time and experience by joining the volunteer programme;

Donating products (hygienically products, non-perishable food, books and school supplies, clothing and footwear, medical products, etc.);

Donating a sum of money directly into accounts:






If you want to join the ADPARE association, you can do so by sponsoring one of the projects it develops, or it is in preparation. By following the Program section on our website you may be aware of future programes that need your support.
As a company, you can sponsor any of the ongoing programs, or events that we conduct an event can grow together to make your company known as a company with strong involvement in social life.

For companies, the Law 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal Code, Chapter III, Article 31, relating to tax credit provides:
Taxpayers who carry out sponsorship and / or acts of patronage, according to the law on sponsorship, and law libraries, tax deducted from amounts due, if the following conditions are met:

are limited to 3 ‰ of the turnover;

No more than 20% of income tax due.

The benefits of a company which offer sponsorships according to the law are:

Promoting a company’s image quality, internal and external communication;

Tax benefits (tax deductions as required by law);

The appearance of the name of your company on ADPARE’s promotional materials (website, banners, flayers, brochures, etc.)

Involvement in projects that meet social inclusion of persons in difficulty;

Presentation of the association sponsors in the Annual Report.

Thank you!