European project

European action for compensation for victims of crime

Since October 2017 ADPARE is an active and directly involved partner in the implementation of the project Justice at Last – European action for compensation for victims of crime, a two-year project coordinated by La Strada International and implemented in cooperation with partner NGOs in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Macedonia Serbia and Romania. The partner NGO in Romania is ADPARE (Association for the Development of Alternative Practices for Reintegration and Education).

The overall aim of the project is to increase access to compensation for victims of trafficking in persons and related crimes, as well as to contribute to the effective implementation at national level of EU law on victims’ rights in the Member States of the European Union.

Project activities include identification and legal analysis of claims and compensation claims; assessing the difficulties related to referral of victims, their specialized legal assistance, the execution of claims for damages; international and national training, seminars and meetings of interest groups for professionals on the claim for damages and compensation; a European information campaign to promote the rights of victims of crime; and creating an interactive online resource center.

For more information on the activities carried out within this project and the activities to be carried out, we invite you to access the project page, available HERE.