Prevention Programmes

An efficient action to fight against trafficking in human beings will take into consideration developing information/raising awareness activities on the phenomenon and associated risks designed for the general public or vulnerable categories of population (women, young people, and persons belonging to groups at risk for social exclusion).  Through its domain of work, ADPARE is implementing activities for the prevention of victimization and relapse into trafficking, through the specific assistance services granted to its beneficiaries and their families. However, one of the indicators for the reduction of the human trafficking phenomenon is represented by the active participation and “education” of the (general) public regarding their citizenship rights; safe migration; legal working opportunities; protection/assistance services which can be accessed in Romania and abroad. ADPARE was part of the implementation team of national prevention programmes, as follows:

„Beware of “perfect” work opportunities with “perfect” jobs”

Duration: July 2007 –February 2008

Partners: the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons (ANITP); Caritas Association, Bucharest, the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania (AIDRom)

Brief description: prevention campaign against trafficking in persons, aimed at sensitizing and educating the public opinion on the risks associated to the trafficking in persons phenomenon with the purpose of reducing the vulnerability to such victimization among groups at risk such as: unaccompanied, institutionalized, abandoned minors; persons with disabilities; women; elderly people; asylum seekers.    A secondary objective of the campaign is that of reducing the demand for services provided by persons exploited through sexual services and forced labour.

„ The Danish Programme to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings in East and South-eastern Europe” (the Romanian debate group);

Duration: January 2007 – June 2008

Partners in the Romanian debate and resources group: Save the Children Romania, the international Organization for Migration (OIM) – Mission in Romania, Red Cross Romania, Caritas Association Bucharest, ADPARE, Alternative Sociale Association, Reaching Out Association

Brief description: the general objective refers to enhancing organizational capacity of assistance providers from Belarus, Moldavia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine by elaborating good practices and adjusting the working methods to the changing realities of the trafficking in human beings phenomena. The project focus is put on the clinical aspects linked to assisting victims of trafficking in persons, with the purpose of reintegration, by: promoting commonly shared language and principles for setting up the assistance programmes; implementing homogenous assistance methods and standards on settling good practices and consolidating the existing expertise. A distinct component takes into consideration to develop a training module on topics such as: intervention in crisis and approaching difficult clients; psycho-traumatology aspects; standards and procedures in the development of assistance programmes and inter-institutional cooperation; developing professional capacities for training and supervision for grassroots professionals in the field of assistance provision.

Be yourself!” 

Duration: January 2007 – November 2007

Partners: the Association for Promoting Access to and Equal Opportunities (APASE), Buzau; School Territorial Inspectorate Buzau; County Police Inspectorate– the Compartment for Analysis and Prevention of Criminality Buzau; Buzau County Council; the General Directorate for Social Assistance and Child Protection Buzau; the Directorate for Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance;

Brief description: A selective prevention campaign against trafficking in persons, implemented in all the high schools of Buzau county, targeting students aged between 14-18 years of age. The scope of the project is that of reducing the risk of victimization through human trafficking for young people, objectified by including the students in training activities and further on in: debates; musical and theatrical thematic events; thematic creative writing activities. The project was financed with the support of MATRA-KAP Programme initiated by the Embassy of the Nethrerlands in Bucharest. The ADPARE team members took part in the project implementation as trainers.

„ The youth of Giurgiu and Ruse together against trafficking in persons”

Duration: October 2006

Parteneri: Caritas Association Bucharest, Caritas Association Ruse, high schools from Bucharest, Giurgiu, Targoviste, Pitesti, and Ruse.

Brief description: the project was based on the active participation of students in selected high schools, in conducting anti-trafficking prevention activities by producing events, campaigns, prevention materials and peer to peer training. The activities developed by the ADPARE representatives were those of working groups’ coordination and training.    

„ Creating a safe environment for children: a common effort of school and family to prevent trafficking in persons in Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania

Duration: 2006-2009

Partners: Caritas Association Bucharest, national parents’ associations in cooperation with similar organizations, governmental and non governmental bodies in the 4 states. Brief description: a trans-national anti-human trafficking prevention project implemented in 11 Romanian schools in collaboration with the local authorities, border police structures and other key stakeholders in the field of combating and prevention of trafficking in persons. The aspect of novelty in the project resides in the active participation and promotion of partnerships between parents’ associations and schools. The ADPARE contribution was provided by using its timely working experience for specialized training events and in delivering presentations or organizing interactive sessions for students.

Reducing of trafficking in human beings associated risks in the transboundary area of the Danube

Duration: 2006 – 2007

Partners: Caritas Association Ruse (Bulgaria), ANITP, the local authorities in Giurgiu county, the border police units, organizations and institutions with similar roles from Ruse, Bulgaria.

Brief description: trans-national prevention project against trafficking in human beings based on the vulnerability patterns analyzed on the two Danube shores. ADPARE shared its expertise for the elaboration and implementation of training materials.

SENS–Promoting good practices in victim identification and reintegration process

Duration: January 2002- December 2007

Partners: the Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania -AidRom, The United Nations Children’s Fund-UNICEF- Mission in Romania; Partners for a Change Association; ANITP; the Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants-ARCA, Filantropia Foundation – Timisoara

Brief description:  started in 2002, as an initiative of AIDROM, the SENS programme contributed until 2007 to the provision of individual and group counselling for human trafficking victims, beneficiaries in the reintegration programmes developed by ADPARE.  Among the activities proposed by SENS, its assistance component there can be mentioned: counselling and psychotherapy for human trafficking victims, both at individual and group level; vocational counselling and career orientation for women, victims of trafficking; mediation of the relations between the victims and vocational/professional training providers; psychological support activities provided during the professional training period

MTV Exit 

Duration: January 2005 – 2011

Partners: The MTV Europe Foundation

Brief description: An international campaign aimed at preventing trafficking in persons by sensitizing the general public on the phenomenon. It promotes the freedom of choice and the respect for Human Rights by offering the internet users complex information on: the victims; the means of recruitment; statistics; vulnerability factors; responses taken to prevent and reduce the phenomenon. The campaign is delivered through video materials (interviews, documentaries, messages transmitted by singers during concerts) and flyers//brochures printed in languages spoken mainly in origin and destination countries for trafficking in human beings. ADPARE was awarded the MTV Exit prize for developing the best pro-social campaign.

„Together with us for them” – Prevention project developed in schools

Duration: May 2005 – February 2006

Partners: The United Nations Children’s Fund-UNICEF- Mission in Romania; School Inspectorate- district 2, Bucharest; the International Organization for Migration (OIM)- Romanian Mission; S.E.C.S. Foundation

Brief description: the programme was developed according to the component of preventing trafficking in human beings and targeted students as well as youth identified as human trafficking victims in risk of relapse. The project involved students from 11 schools from Bucharest, the 2nd district, as beneficiaries of training activities on the human trafficking phenomenon, on elaborating prevention materials and interactive theatrical events. The assistance component of the project included as beneficiaries 25 victims of trafficking in persons and their families, the activities carried out being: psychological, medical, social, juridical and educational assistance.

Preventing the risks for exposure to trafficking in human beings among Romanian youth 

Duration: 2005

Partners: Caritas Association Bucharest, pre-university educational institutions, school inspectorates, non governmental organizations

Brief description: pilot project on reducing young people’s (students’) vulnerability to trafficking in persons, implemented in 5 high schools in Romania (in counties such as:  Bacau, Prahova, Bucuresti, Arges and Dambovita).