ADPARE is a nongovernmental, non-profit association, based on the volunteer work of its members. You can get involved in a volunteer programs run by ADPARE.

What is volunteering?

“Volunteering is an activity of public interest developed on its own initiative of any individual in the benefit of others, without receiving a material compensation, the activity of public interest is performed in public areas such as health and social services, protection of human rights, medical health, cultural, artistic, educational, scientific, humanitarian, religious, philanthropic, sports, environmental protection, social and community and others. “(definition of Volunteering Law 2006)

Volunteering Law, Law no.195/2001  HYPERLINK “http://www.legestart.ro/Legea-339-2006-modificarea-completarea-Legii-voluntariatului-195-2001-(MjAzMDYy).htm” http://www.legestart.ro/Legea-339-2006-modificarea-completarea-Legii-voluntariatului-195-2001-(MjAzMDYy).htm

Choose to get involved!

How can you do this?

In the programs developed by ADPARE you can be involved in the following areas:

– organization of events and campaigns;
– fundraising;
– organization of educational and leisure activities with beneficiaries;
– relations with authorities;
– administration.

Which are the steps that you need to follow to become one of ADPARE’s volunteers ?

1. Complete the application form, which you can find below.
2. Wait for our reply, after analyzing your application a team member of ADPARE  will contact you to communicate our decision and to establish next steps together.

The benefits of voluntary ship:

– Earn work experience;
– You will benefit of a supportive environment;
– We will provide you the necessary information and we will facilitate integration in the group of volunteers;
– You will always be supported in your work by more experienced volunteers;
– You can develop social and communication skills;
– You can interact with people who share the same passions;
– You can make new friends;
– You can learn new skills or you can shape the existing skills;
– You can acquire the best knowledge in the programs developed by the association;
– You can put into practice the knowledge and skills learned in school;
– You will increase your confidence;
– Add experience to your resume.

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What motivates you to become a volunteer at ADPARE?

In which of the above areas do you want to activate as a volunteer in ADPARE?

Which are your expectations related to the volunteer program?

How many hours can you provide for the voluntary ship activities?